Stop; change; new direction is a command you say to communicate to your subconscious mind. This technique is designed to change unwanted behaviors, emotions, and thought patterns in your subconscious mind to set a new life direction. When a person decides to change one’s life, the old subconscious thoughts and emotions have to be changed to become this new person. The old thoughts and emotions are life forces and will not change until we tell them to stop. In other words, we have to take power out of the old behavior. This is where stop, change, and new direction come into play.
Whenever unwanted thoughts or emotions surfaces, say Stop, Change, and announce the new goal or desire you have set for yourself. It is an easy technique but being mindful is essential. Next time you have a fear or an unwanted thought, make the command to the subconscious mind to Stop! As you feel comfortable with the stop command, announce to the subconscious to change, and add a new direction. The new direction will be your new desire.


Does the next statement need to specify which direction to change too?
I am glad you asked this question; cigarette smoking and weight management are biggies for making changes. We are deciding to change life forces. We are moving from behaviors we no longer want to something we are passionate about. That new life change must be something we are passionate about to bring in new positive energy.
Example: Both cigarette smoking and weight management are health values, so we have a lot to work with to develop a passion.
The new person we desire to become has to develop and remove the old behavior in the subconscious mind simultaneously. Let say we have found our passion in health values like eating certain fruits or jump roping. And we want to get rid of cigarette smoking.
When you get those thoughts and urges to smoke a cigarette, we immediately say, Stop! Change! Now the new thought and direction are; I am putting healthy foods and drinks in my body. Notice no mention of cigarettes. New direction.
Now. The urge to smoke a cigarette and putting healthy foods and drinks in the body is a call to action. Usually, the first few times are challenging! If you give up, you will go back to the old energy. That is why having a passion is essential.
The old habit has to be removed to be a new person.  When you are successful, hug yourself.  Great question!

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